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The Land of the Free

Education, yes I said "education".....when I read Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle they all purport the willingness to use education as a means to control and enslave the general populations. Has anything changed since Greek philosophers laid down the foundations of this immense crime upon humanity, yes. To control the narritve from early childhood easily exposes itself from culture to culture, why the prodestants dislike the catholics or the muslims dislike the christrians or the the tutsi dislikes the hutu, or indeed vice versa. Our world of education is a joke, installing hatreds rather than values and I believe this came to pass when the jesuits took control of our educational systems world wide. Please don't take my word for it, go dig out where the funding comes from for your local universities etc. Everything is reversed, turned upon it's head and backwards these days, all built upon lies which inevitably will crash and burn because the weight of the lies will certainly become unbearably heavy, which is the point we are at IMHO. The falseness and the lies upon which they are built become too much to support the origin of the deception and the light eventually shines the naked truth so obviously on the mind of the decieved.

The land of the free is one such obvious lie. A stolen land, it's people genocided and even the beasts of the field destroyed to gain "the land of the free". Then they ( the elites, jesuits, kazarians) laughed while they enslaved poor whites and blacks alike, to rape the wealth of the lands and minerals. America has never been the "land of the free" as for today, even though no-one can present the actual "law" for taxation the jesuit educated brainless sheeple still fall into line for the slaughter house without even a single question as to their fate.

But, isn't it all becoming more and more obvious, how corrupt it is world wide, Ukraine, the money laundering child trafficking hub of the elites, Taiwan, the world's shoe factory now the world's microchip factory, North Korea a deep state CIA experiment in totalitarianism, Congo the experience of scaler weapons mind control or 5G as we call it. ( I would keep going but you might label me a conspiracy theorist or as the U.N. (nazis) would put it,"conspiracy terrorist" ?

Bottom line, America has only ever been the land of the slaves since the natives were removed. The perverted morals and virtues represented by the false idols they build are doomed to failure as the weight of the obvious lies becomes overly burdensome. Painting this beautiful rendition of Lady Liberty exposes the deviousness of this momentous falsehood while adding in my favourite symbology of religion under the guise of chemtrails, which are not only used to modify the weather, they always multilayer their shit....."Barium them all" says the arm patch of the poison plane pilots ? I do so love this painting because it illuminates the broken society America has become under the corporate states of Vanguard, Blackrock, Jesuit Vatican PLC. Squeezing out the last drip of life from it's broken promise, truly an amazing painting, hated by DARPA, moderated by google, dispised by freemasonry but still extremely accurate and hypnotic, if some-what a little brash......Does anyone else think Lady Liberty looks like Elvis ? (whom some say will be the mark of the beast, but that's another story).

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