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Living in the Past

Are we all living in the past, spirals' of the Ural Mountain's, nanotech from the ancient past as small as the nanotech today. That's programmable matter smaller than the human cells (10 to 100 µm) so small it can infiltrate the cell and manipulate the dna, or as we all know it today Mrna. messenger RNA that determains the outcome of the DNA which determines you. When klaus schwab and Dr. Yuval Noah Harari say, "you will still be yourself but different." what is it they are telling you ? When Harari discusses the use of such smart dust, quantum dot nano technologies saturated in the human body and all biological life on Earth, so they can monitor and influence every living organism, what is it, you believe he is telling you ? Can this technology transfer into the embryo, the fetus and a continuous breeding farm of more obedient slaves than the human race already are ? This technology was here before and history in the mainstream has made this disappear.

Turns out it is easier to turn humans into robots than to build human like robots, W.H.O. would have thought ? A programmed fear storm of plague, a simple vaccination, a little nanotech, a lot of gullible humans and hey presto.... with a little help from a frequency tuning device implanted all over the Earth, say like 5G, they could take control, total control of the human race. Why was the 5G roll out so important that it was considered essential work during a world wide plandemic that was so deadly everything else had to close down ? Some people honestly thought broadband speed was that important, sadly only to the internet of everything. Ever wondered what really happened to the Neanderthals ? Some paintings inspired by these thoughts....

Luciferin, luciferace, it's in the jab.....4 lipids that turned out to be crate snake and cobra venom synthetic duplicates, no wonder they gave them such long names, protect your nicotine receptors. Graphene oxide and dioxide nanotech building their little intrusions within the human cells lovingly named Polypodium Teriforms. Last but not least the infamous (not found anywhere in nature) Spike Protein or A.I.D.S as they called it in the 1980's. Famous Dr. Fauci knows all about that. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is exactly that, "acquired" but from where ? Straight from a laboratory obviously, or they couldn't patent it and make money.

Babylonian Kings to Egyptian Pharaoh's to Roman Caesars, to Billionaire Bankers nothing has changed but the titles, same old blood lines doing the same old black magic like worn out vampires played out in second rate movies. Rank and file from the jesuits to the bankers to the royals to dynasty families to the freemasons to the lawyers to the foot soldiers on the frontline clambering to get a foot on the ladder of success, your local peace keepers who create so much violence in our societies. Corrupt to the core and back to the top of the ladder where lucifer ( satan, enki, odin, ra, osiris, beelzebub, mephistopheles, baphomet, lord of the flies, the antichrist, father of lies, moloch etc. etc. etc.) the many named god resides. Man has not faired well under his dominance to date but are you not sick and bored to death by all the lies and misery. Is it time we all said enough is enough or do you simply just not get it ?

The symbolism is everywhere yet most can not see it for what it is, they think these symbols have no power or influence, yet they are so embedded in the deepest depths of all our societies in almost every aspect of our lives from the ice-cream you enjoy to the hishest ranks of religion and beyond. People are blinded by their own importance, their ego pumped up like a steroidal champion body builder flexing at ever possible oppertunity before collapsing with exhaustion. We can thank the "education system" for that programming. The wealth of this world is farmed, harvested, stored and consumed.......and I'm not talking about gold or silver. Why does anyone need nanotech, made in china, in their bodies, what is the mark of the beast and what is the beast ?

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