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Hunter Biden Laptop

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

So, Really, you all do not know the Bidens are a dynasty family spin off from the satanic rulers of Earth, you're kidding, right ? You shall know them by their actions, springs to mind. Obama in the basement pulling all the strings or do you believe this alzheimer's victim has a grip on things. His daughter left her diary in a hotel room in which she admits her father Joe sexually assulted her in the shower. Hunter leaves his laptop in for repair and forgets all about it due to his high pressure lifestyle. The F.B.I. cover it up because it is full of heinous crimes which implicate them. His grand daughter admits he's a fraud on TicTok.

Pedo Joe is the loving affectionate pet name given to the PRESIDENT by his son Hunter. Once you have got your head around the fact that the Hunter family are steeped in satanic ritual abuse just like Obama and his husband, the Clintons and most of the world's ruling class, you begin to see a clearer picture of why the world's a mess, don't you ???

Freedom is coming and the people can smell it, run elites, run.

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