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Inside Job

I remember when, I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions have an echo in so much space.

Does that make me crazy ? Well does it ? If you can not see by now the treachery involved with this state demolition, controlled by one dynasty family, you probably never will. The players involved echo the cries of Nuremberg "I was only doing my job". Does this not apply to every government administration world wide especially when they are all blood lined Nazi descendants. (just a thought). The Odessa files were once a Nazi war plan until they made the movie, conveniently obscuring the plan they put in motion, that we live in today. Silent weapons for quiet wars (Iron mountain report) is now our reality born from Nazi Germany. Ashkanazi ??? Kazar + arian ??? Tartar + arian ??? 1850's mud floods ???

I remember when I painted 911 asking myself, is it only coincidence this is the emergency phone number in so many countries ? The treachery of media compliance in this state run pantomime has born witness to further criminality through the passage of time, still rampant in the genocidal mrna genetic modification jab. CGI news for the masses ?

George is found along with Billy, grandly portrayed in separate portraits upon Epstein's island paradise, well don't you find that suspicious or is this a case of "don't believe everything you find on the net" ? ( remember this was preceeded by....don't believe everything you see on TV.........don't believe everything you hear on the radio......don't believe everything you read. etc. etc. etc. ) Now the U.N. has openly declared war upon the C.I.A labelled "conspiracy theorist" and with their new direct energy weapons system in place ( rolled out continuously through covid lock downs ) it's possible they just might pull it off ?

To consider such things along with a thorough investigation into the Bush family and all the events leading up to and throughout the 911 event, yet, make it simple enough for people to evaluate, was somewhat daunting. Keep it simple, direct and let them find out what a wrinkled stars and stripes draped over the coffin means for themselves ? I decided to make the message clear so as the observer could spark that one brain cell which leads them to the deep, deep state of the satanic cabal enslaving humanity. The secret societies complying with their masters bidding (freemasons are world wide you know, they even went to the moon). Remember, these are the first and only steel frame skyscrapers, ever, to collapse from a plane crash. Plane fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel and what the hell was going on at Brookhaven ? Maybe we should ask Tesla ? Simple message in simple colours for the simple sheeple, what do you think ?

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