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Cold Turkey

Yes indeed, feeling a little strung out since I stopped painting conspiracies, is it weird to feel urges to paint what most people consider a mental disorder as they slumber in their low brow existence never giving a moments thought to the why's or how's ? When I create an image I want it to slap you in the face, make you stand up and pay attention so it can teach manifesting an awareness, helping to connect the dots as it were.

Boris Johnson, the perfect example, would you listen to or take advice let alone instruction from a proven persistent liar ? Yet 2019 to 2022 was an outstanding instance of such behaviour leading to this extremely morbid painting of how the U.K. Prime Minister treated the people of Britain. Although comedy tends to belittle the importance, I felt it was the only way left for me to portray such grave occurrences.

On the other hand, deeper darker truths need to be realized before we can begin moving forward. Sinister forces, as foretold by the likes of John F Kennedy, have moved our modern world into diabolical acceptence of the sickest evils. Adrenachrome, manufactured plagues, poisoned food, water, air and frequencies, organised world wide trading and trafficking of women and children, an attempt to hijack the human DNA with a so called "vaccine" that most people fail to investigate at their own peril. In all this doom and gloom there is always time to paint a hero, someone standing out from the crowd, warning, helping and awakening while maintaining a positive vibe. One such hero is Aldo from the big apple.

No wonder I crave this, I see it as a human responsibility to help our fellow man, to care for each other without the interference of vampire family blood lines corporate institutionalized so called free markets. Expose Vangaurd and Blackrock etc. for what they are and take back what is rightfully belonging to the "human race".

As I was saying......I'm feeling a little cold turkey lately ???

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