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Cloning Centers

Well, we all laughed at some time or another, at the damned depravity of the so called satanic cabal, in a nervous knee jerk reaction of disbelief for their human hating agenda. "Wee Donny" screaming his lungs out on this gruesome topic, for decades, seems to most to be a lost individual craving attention but something tells me he's quite genuine yet only those who have experienced this torture would know for sure. One such individual is Aldo from the youtube channel, " A voice from the deep underground". Nice guy, really has his head screwed on, sees what's going down, tells it like it is and has a very interesting past. Is he crazy, is wee Donny crazy and the American airforce general who collaborated Donalds story, is he crazy ? The movies that tell this story in so many different ways, did someone really sit down and come up with these ideas as a fiction. I put it to you, that most if not all the crazy shit you see in the movies, comes from reality hidden right under our noses. All these big time movie moguls are free masons, a secret society based upon a hierarchical system of enslavement, the complete opposite to what they preach in public, just like the government or the church etc. A normal person like you or I does not sit down and write these blockbusters, no, it's always and I mean always, a freemason. They even wrote the bible, so it is claimed ? Everything we see on the disney owned news channels is regarded legally as entertainment because it is all, and I mean all of it, FAKE. Our history is fake from dinosaurs to the moon landing, all fake. Prove to me space is real ? Hitler was a junkie flunkie for the satanic cabal, just like all the other so called world leaders., who simply do as they are told by the shadowy figures that J.F.K. told us about. The C.I.A.- F.B.I -N.S.A -NASA etc. etc. and their counterparts from every country are all gaurdians for the satanic elites along with the medical/pharmacutical world and mainstream brainwashing media, all FAKE. Education is fake, the law is fake, your birth certificate is fake, your job is fake, tax is fake, money is fake, royalty is fake, Einstein was fake, evolution is fake, the moon is fake and deep down inside you all know it.

Hey, don't take my word for it, pick any one of the things I called out as fake, take an hour a day for the next seven days and do some proper research, stay away from main stream jesuit bull shit and the "fact checker" advice for the simple minded plandemic vaxxed and really get your teeth into some honest truthful information. Best to use those terms when looking for the truth ...."Truth"..."Honest"......"Real", I'm sure you get the picture. If you can't get past mainstream media/education then the truth is, your part of the problem as to why our world has a billion plus child trafficking industry that you know nothing about. Wakey wakey time sleepy heads, it's about to get real.

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