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All Apologies

Why I painted this image :

His days are said to be numbered but we know how these blood lined vampires operate, with their one law for the masses and no law for them. Looking at the evidence of the past 2 years 8 months I can clearly see how they falsified a pandemic to fool people into hospitals where they posioned them or blew up their lungs apart on ventilators especially the elderly) just to justify their fake pandemic death figures, All the while they partied and laughed at the stupid Goyem, adding in the "normal" seasonal flu deaths, they frightened the population into taking a so called "vaccine" a trial MRNA genetic modification injection that they can program in many numerous ways to do unspeakable things to humanity. Locking down (prison term) the population like some kind of psy-op to intimidate and fear people with anxieties and threats but most vulgar of all, isolating the most vunerable victims so as to execute them without wittnesses, shame on all of you who participated in this world wide genocide.

The media did as they were told just like the medical experts, all of them complicit in the crime. Police officers forced unjust rules upon the general public and in some countries shot people dead in the streets. Then like the satanic monsters they are, they went after the children.....Justice can not get here soon enough for these despicable people.

As for the vaccine injured and murdered there will be long one sided court cases for years to come, they've already started. As the death tolls start to increase, as seen in life insurance statistics and reports, the sheeple will eventually realise how scammed and attacked they truely were.

So all apologies as the mainstream media headlines stated does not exempt Mr. Johnson from his crimes, was the inspiration for this blood curdling painting. As I watch the last drip of victim's blood drip from the end of his party nose, I am filled with a need to bring this individual along with his mafia coherts to justice, even if it is only on canvas.

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